Setup your syndication vehicle within days

Collect capital from professional investors in a club deal. We help you to set up your unregulated deal-by-deal offering from scratch.

Our technology powers €3bn of capital raising

Save Time

We  help you set up a tax-neutral bond offering in just 6 weeks.

Fixed Fee

Don't go over budget by tens of thousands when launching your vehicle because quoted services overshot. ScalingFunds provides an all-inclusive Fee Cap (tax excluded).

Contract Templates

We offer high-quality industry-standard contract templates, reducing your legal costs and time to market.

Technology Built-in

Digital from the ground up - paper usage is reduced to a minimum (if not eliminated). Processes are automated, secure, compliant and scalable.


How it works

Launch from Scratch

Set up your portal

Answer a short form, and we create your portal for you. Your brand and colours will be visible at all times.

Start Now

Work on investment

We work with you to stress test your investment thesis from a compliance point of view and check if your compensation scheme is market standard.

Validate your

Start gathering interested parties through our Capital Raising Essentials solution. We replace the "invest" button with a "reserve allocation" button, so you can keep early interest investors engaged and gather data points.

Customise your
bond offering

We have engaged banks, auditors, insurances, administrators and lawyers to establish an Irish S110 company, so you do not have to. Use our best-practice templates and be ready in days rather than years.


We speed up the launching process to cut the time it takes from months to weeks.


Fast Bond Issuance

Reduce the time it takes to issue your bond from months to weeks.

Internationally Recognised

Your investors can take comfort in the fact that this is one of the most used financial structures in the world.

Tax Neutral

Domiciled in Ireland, it can be structured with minimal tax, VAT or duties, approaching zero net tax liability.

Reputable Partners

We partner with Intertrust and Eversheds Sutherland to make sure our processes are of the highest standard.

Capped Fees

With ScalingFunds there are no unexpected extra costs adding tens of thousands to your launch budget. Our fees are capped (excluding tax).

Frequently Asked

How does SPV-as-a-Service differ to Fund-as-a-Service?

Both structures collect capital to invest in certain assets. However, in a fund, the investment managers have full discretion on which projects they wish to invest in. An syndication vehicle (SPV) is mainly used to collect capital to finance a specific pre-determined asset.

What kind of bond is this?

The Irish S110 regulation was introduced in 1993. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and successful structures to finance asset deals. The regulation allows you to collect capital from investors via the bond and pass it on to the project in the form of a loan. It does so in what is in effect a tax neutral system for the company and collecting entity. With a note trustee and reduced administrative burden for the loan receiver, this structure reduces the risk for investors, making it an attractive alternative financing solution for your project.

Can I trust ScalingFunds to execute efficiently?

Across the team and Advisory Board we have over 200 years combined experience in the investment and technology sectors. We offer our experience and hold no bias when providing advice on fund service providers. Our SPV-as-a-service structure is built in such a way that there is balance between the parties involved.

Why should I choose ScalingFunds?

Profit from 200 years of combined experience to launch your fund in a digital, easy, fast, compliant and transparent way.

Does ScalingFunds save me money?

Yes. We are currently undertaking a study with one of the big four accountancy firms to determine a precise figure for the back-office cost savings. Just as importantly, ScalingFunds saves you time, freeing up staff from administrative tasks to those more value-added, such as sourcing new investment projects and talking to your investors about them.