Schroders’ executive joins ScalingFunds to boost client adoption

We sat down with the newest member of the ScalingFunds team Patrick Stampfli to discuss his move to ScalingFunds. Patrick worked for over 30 years in the financial industry across all continents. As an auditor working for PwC and Zurich or as a line manager at Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs, his focus was always on providing client solutions. At Schroders, Patrick had the opportunity to build lean and technology-based end-to-end operating models supporting capital raising for traditional, alternative and private asset strategies. As COO of Schroders in Switzerland and later COO for Europe and CEO in Luxembourg, he was an internal and external ambassador creating attractive jobs for a skilled workforce and implementing technology in support of transforming the business.

What led you to join ScalingFunds?

ScalingFunds is an organization that focuses on providing the next generation of fund solutions, benefiting investors and money managers alike. It has succeeded in developing market-leading blockchain capabilities to digitize fund shares, simplify investor onboarding and life cycle services, and help managers raise capital faster. ScalingFunds is set to become the market-leading solution.

What are the current challenges of managing investment funds?

Collective Investment Schemes offer investors the most efficient access to professional asset management. Therefore, the modernization of fund regulations, the enhancement of fund comparability, and all-encompassing digital processes are pressing issues to solve.

Addressing these issues ensures that funds maintain their position as the best value transformers. Fund operators need to lead that tectonic shift to full technology solutions, better data processing, and deploying experts to oversee the end-to-end activities.

What impact can ScalingFunds have on the fund industry?

ScalingFunds has built solutions to help managers raise capital efficiently and invest in the market quickly, cutting operational expenses and the downtime of market opportunity cost. As a recognized technology leader in the financial industry, ScalingFunds will influence managers, service providers and regulators to transform a cumbersome fund framework into a digital investment platform.

What’s your goal at ScalingFunds?

I am passionate about the financial service industry and the role we play in the global economy. As an advocate of Fintech, my ambition is to offer industry players solutions to stay at the digital forefront. My goal is to combine my long-time industry experience with the leading-edge technology and design minds at ScalingFunds, to deliver user-friendly and easily implemented digital portals for our clients.

What is your view of future fund models?

Soon, investors will want to take more ownership in allocating their assets to suitable risk-reward opportunities. An open fully digitalized fund model will support the selection process.

Investors will access comparable data about managers’ performances, share feedback on managers, and place primary or secondary market transactions. Furthermore, investors will be able to trade funds on an intraday basis with a real-time settlement.

Managers will purchase off the shelf regulated or unregulated fund structures to package their asset management capabilities as best suited for their investors.

Auditors and Regulators will be able to oversee fund governance in real-time and react without delay.

Digital fund structures will allow asset owners and financial advisors to place savings better informed and faster. As a result, more cash will be made available to professional managers to generate value.

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