Partnership with Peakside Capital

3 minutes
September 13, 2021

Berlin, Oct 4, 2018 – We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with Peakside Capital Advisors AG that will merge institutional real estate investment management with the benefits of blockchain technology.

The partnership will see Peakside Capital utilise our proprietary software and legal framework for evidencing and databasing a real estate fund on the blockchain, a process more commonly known as tokenisation.

Our full smart contract ecosystem — the technology at the heart of the partnership — was successfully audited by blockchain leaders ConsenSys Diligence at the end of September 2018. Peakside Capital is set to be one of the first real estate fund managers to use Blockchain technology.

“Blockchain-based solutions, such as those provided by ScalingFunds, will transform the real estate sector as they increase the ease of access for different classes of investors and transparency in global real estate markets,” said Stefan Aumann, founding partner of Peakside Capital.

“This strategic partnership marks a turning point in real estate investment management, as it will be one of the first democratised investment products. The idea is to provide attractive, professionally managed investment products that fully comply with any applicable regulation to a broader investor base using state-of-the art blockchain technology.”

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