Investor Relations Professional

One investor portal.
No compromises.

Investors are the most valuable part of your business. They deserve the best experience through the entire investment lifecycle. Our solution integrates administrators,  transfer agents, and placement agents, creating a single, digital communication channel.

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Increase Investor Retention

Simplify processes for your investors and make them transparent - which, alongside performance, is key to investor satisfaction.

Eliminate Administrator Friction

Improve, and have visibility over communication between investors and your external administrators.

Fast Investor Onboarding

Onboard investors 6x faster. We work with your Transfer Agent to reduce unnecessary documentation.

Incentivise Placement Agents

Increase motivation by providing a real-time overview of who has closed.

How it works

4 steps to go live

Set up your portal

Complete a short questionnaire and we have what we need to create your white labelled portal.

Start the process

Onboard your
Compliance Team

We work with your Transfer Agent to create decision trees for every step of the onboarding and reporting process - cutting unnecessary steps, reducing excess documentation and automating manual work. All investor communication is happening through only one channel.

Connect your Placement Agent

Introduce placement agents or internal distribution teams to their own portal. Let them grant investor access to data rooms. Always know which investor has been introduced by whom and determine agreed compensation accurately.


All of the features from our Capital Raising Essentials solution with added functionality: issue reports, display shareholders, update net asset values, allow secondary trading and more..


Investor reporting

Share reports and documentation with your investors and relevant external agents.

Realtime Shareholder List

See shareholders and valuations in real-time at the touch of a button.

Up-To-Date Investor Data

View transactions, shareholdings, regulatory checks or where investors are in the onboarding process - all at a fingertip.

Compliant Audit Trail

An immutable distributed database ensures a secure archive of documentation and transactions for regulators and compliance.

Easy Secondary Transaction

Secondary transactions can be facilitated in a matter of seconds rather than the usual 60-120 days.

Frequently Asked

How does Investor Relations Professional differ from Capital Raising Essentials?

What types of investment structures do you support?

Is allowing secondary market transactions for investors simple to do?

Why should I choose ScalingFunds?

Does ScalingFunds save me money?

Yes, and we are currently undertaking a study with one of the big four accounting firms to determine back-office cost savings. Perhaps more importantly, ScalingFunds saves you time. We help you automate time and resource-intensive processes, reducing errors and freeing up your staff to focus on more value-added activities and investor communications.