How we help fund administrators

Say goodbye to paperwork, middlemen, high fees, and clutter with our all-in-one digital solution. 

Automate your transfer agent duties

  • Fully automate orders, settlements, and reconciliation
  • Calculate share ownership, fund performance, fees, accruals, and carried interest
  • Easily coordinate auditing and statutory reporting
  • Keep records in a centralized data room
  • Automate your capital calls

Integrated payment management

  • Request and clear payments
  • Freeze accounts or fund transfers
  • Process¬† all investor-related transactions


Digitalise your investor due diligence

  • Track and clear AML/KYC
  • See audit trails of changes to client data and investments
  • Manage and maintain investor information
  • Review and categorise investor risk

Streamline your compliance reports

  • View all records and compile compliance reports
  • Easily download compliance and regulatory information with one click
  • FATCA and CRS compliance

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