Berlin-based ScalingFunds empowers emerging and established investment managers

Our story

ScalingFunds builds software that advances the real estate and private equity industry

ScalingFunds was officially established in January 2018 by Jakob Drzazga, a former real estate asset manager investing in impact projects around Germany. Out of the inefficiencies he experienced while launching his first real estate fund, he founded ScalingFunds.

Jakob’s vision was to enable emerging local fund managers to pursue their passion without having a massive barrier to entry through enormous setup costs, intransparent processes and dependency on never-ending expensive legal advice. Enabling local experts to invest in regional projects would benefit communities outside of hotspots and allow impact projects to take place where they are needed the most.

In recent years, with the growing demand for digital workflows within the fund industry, ScalingFunds has won the trust of established fund managers with more than €7bn AUM and fund administrators with more than €500bn.

We are strong believers that Alternative Investment Funds will overtake their public counterparts in volume in the next decade. To achieve that, we need more automation and ease of use for General Partners (GPs), Limited Partners (LP) and Transfer Agents (TAs). ScalingFunds standardises the complex setup, capital raising and administrative processes to give investment managers and investors wider access to an industry that has more than tripled in size in the last decade.

Supported by an experienced team and an Advisory Board of well established, experienced industry names, our solutions are helping clients to cut costs, save time and access capital faster.


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Our values


We believe in being responsible and accountable for our impact on the environment and do our best to act sustainably in and out of the office.


We create value through innovation and building awesome customer experiences. We are a data-driven organisation that strives for continuous improvement.


We empower every employee to take ownership of their work and help their colleagues deliver results. At ScalingFunds, you will never hear someone say, “That’s not my job.”


We believe in human capital. We respect our colleagues, business partners, and the public. Being a role model means fairness, honesty, and transparency in everything that we do.

Client Obsession

We ask investors and every fund manager, asset manager, fund administrator, transfer agent, and wealth manager one simple question: “How can we make our software better for you?”

Business Development

We built our fund management software to advance financial markets. As such, we constantly seek new business opportunities in both developed and developing economies.

ScalingFunds’ business development team regularly attends and presents at high-level industry events and conferences, including ALFI, IPEM, MIPIM Cannes, Expo REAL, Superreturn, and Asian Financial Forum. Whether in Europe or Asia, our door is always open for future growth opportunities.

Get in touch with our Business Development team to see how we can help you with your current and future fund launches.

Product Engineering

We are proud to build all our technology in-house. Our team combines a wealth of experience from leading companies such as McKinsey, HelloFresh, Amazon, Auto1, SAP and many more.

We strongly believe in cross-functional teams where engineers, product owners, and designers work closely together to deliver great experiences for our users. Our flat organisational structure empowers every team member to contribute to the company’s decision-making process.

Investment Structuring

Being at the forefront of the industry often means being a step ahead of new regulations. Our experienced in-house legal team maintains close contact with international regulatory authorities to ensure compliance and advise on legislation.

We built ScalingFunds to operate within the existing regulatory framework by catering exclusively to fund managers and professional investors. With the European Union’s recent commitment to supporting the digitalisation of AIFs, our technology is leading the trend in digital offerings.

Senior Management Team

Michael Palman

Managing Director

Mike has outstanding knowledge of ECM, BPM, Big Data, Analytics, Search, Financial Automation and new technologies such as RPA & Machine Learning.

Imran Khan


+20 years experience in fund & corporate administration, leading across global jurisdictions including Luxembourg, Ireland, Singapore and Malaysia.

Peter Wilson

Managing Director
Global Business Development

+20 years experience in London’s fund management industry.

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Nina Dohr-Pawlowitz


Pascal Leclerc

Board Member

Frank Dornseifer

Managing Director

Wolfgang Schaefers

Supervisory Board Member

Keith Hale

Executive Chairman