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Reduce costs, fundraise faster, and empower your LPs with an integrated digital dashboard.

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Integrating our software into your business means lower ticket sizes, lower fees, and a best-in-class customer experience for investors. 

Lower administration and compliance costs

Reduce unnecessary costs like errors and reconciliations.

Automate your investor onboarding

Replace paper-based admin with our fully compliant online verification process (KYC/KYB/AML) and legally binding digital contracts and signatures.

Turn-key Setup: LuxUmbrella

We offer an extensive range of solutions for the legal structuring of funds, Securitization Vehicles, and SPVs, through collaboration arrangements with our partners.

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Clients with more than €1  billion in assets under management have used ScalingFunds to cut costs and raise capital more efficiently than ever.

I am convinced that ScalingFunds is the future of fundraising and fund management. Their innovative approach will help us to reduce the back office work and allows us to focus on what we do best – bringing value to our clients.

Stefan Aumann
Founding Partner, Peakside Capital

Incorporating ScalingFunds’ state-of-the-art technology allows us to more efficiently structure our financial holdings. This complements the innovative approach we take in real estate construction and development.

Eamon O’Connor
CEO, Uavend

Brickblock’s approach in tokenizing various financing instruments reflects the broad variety of applications for tokenization in the real estate market.

Axel von Goldbeck
Partner, DWF Germany

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